Use OpenWRT 19.07.7 With TPLink DecoM5 V3

Here I am linking two files I compiled myself with some motivation from some nice people at the OpenWRT IRC Channel.

And thanks to the modifications made to the source code by frankveltmans @ github

The linked firmware is a fairly simple version, having LuCI but only as http service and with WPAD-Wolf or Openssl precompiled (I forgot which one) but 802.11s works. I think the factory.bin file has the same things as the sysupgrade, but I’m not sure. I installed both anyway.

If you need any other packages precompiled in the firmware let me know, as all the sources and stuff are on the server anyway and it’s fairly easy to recompile.

To install you will need to follow these instructions:

Make sure you change the filename of squashfs-factory to M5v1_tp_recovery.bin or else the router will not take it. The sysupgrade one you can then later add through LuCI. There the name does not matter.

Good Luck!

6 Replies to “Use OpenWRT 19.07.7 With TPLink DecoM5 V3”

  1. Hello. Thanks for your build! Tried this on my M5 and i got a yellow light followed by a intermittent blue for 5-6 seconds and then goes back to yellow. Almost like it’s trying to flash, fails and then reboots again. One thing i should mention is that this particular M5 doesn’t seem to be working even on the stock firmware… it’s always on a yellow light. Do you have any ideas on how to make it work ? Thank you!

    1. Hi Andrei.
      Sorry for not answering sooner. Did you solve your issue? I think if it won’t work even with stock firmware, then I’d give it up- Sorry I’m out of ideas about this!

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