Heltec HT-M2808 “miner release” empty

So I have a miner that did not want to connect for a while.

It was showing the same information on the “management web service” as some others have posted in the Heltec Forum. (image taken from Heltec forum http://community.heltec.cn/t/my-heltec-m2808-no-connect/10393)

In the end, what seemed to fix (still downloading the blockchain) was to upload the latest “miner image” I could get my hands on. I tried several of them, but only the latest seemed to work, after the miner was left alone overnight and it finally upgraded it’s firmware from the 1.2.7 version to 1.3.4 (not the newest, I expect the miner to upgrade to 1.3.5 when it’s done with downloading the blockchain). After that I could install miner-arm64_2022.04.27.0_GA.tar and the miner finally showed something in the “miner image” variable.

I hope this will solve your issues, since from what I’ve seen there isn’t much of support from Heltec. I guess I can see why they can’t answer questions, but a more useful FAQ (in specific cases like these) would help. Also some more logging (and knowing how to access it) would be nice.

I will upload the files in the hopes they will help someone. Good luck.





This is what “miner release” should look like.

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